Automation with Chatbots

Transforming Customer Experience with Chatbots

We gather consumer data and a powerful AI-engine to build industry-specific chatbots that are easy to implement and customize. Glowing’s ready-to-go bots cover industry-specific use cases and include pre-configured intents and dialogue flows. We handle necessary integrations into your existing back office systems. With chatbot’s advanced natural language processing capabilities, all your customer’s inquiries will trigger the right bot responses for a seamless conversational experience on the any messaging channel.

Optimize Team Performance with Glowing Chatbots

Effective Engagement Across Multiple Platforms

Provides an easy and effective way to simultaneously engage with customers across multiple messaging channels.

Personalized Interactions

Glowing’s algorithm analyzes the messages exchanged during a conversation, measuring intent and intensity so your team can prioritize and personalize messaging.

Maximize Team Productivity

Chatbots provide your team the ability to handle multiple conversations at a time, saving you time and cost.

CMS, PMS and CRM Integration

Integrated AI-powered chatbots can tap into customer information and provide personalized experiences.

Glowing Customer Engagement Cloud

Designed for engagement, built for any scale, easy to use and quick to get started.