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Enabling healthcare providers to leverage secure messaging technology for more efficient patient communication and care coordination.

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Deliver Patient-Centered Care with Secure Mobile Messaging Technology

Communication is central to successful patient care coordination and delivery. Glowing’s Customer Engagement Cloud enables healthcare organizations and providers to deliver better patient-centered care and improve provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient engagement. Glowing’s cloud-based platform can fully integrate with provider systems and security to facilitate omni-channel communication.

Better Communication, Better Care, Better Outcomes

Improve Patient Appointment

Improve patient attendance through reminders because missed appointments not only cost medical practice time and money, but could also pose a threat to patient’s health.

Encourage Preventative Care

Help patients stay on top of their health care and improve outcomes by sending reminders to take medications and necessary pre-op preparations, such as fasting.

Optimize Staff Productivity & Cut Cost

Automation can be used to send reminders and messages to multiple patients at once, eliminating time-consuming and costly process of calling patients.

Enhance Patient & Care team Engagement

Enhance communication with your patients and between fellow providers to increase accountability and empower patients to be involved in their own healthcare.

Glowing Customer Engagement Cloud

Designed for engagement, built for any scale, easy to use and quick to get started.