Educational Institutions

Keeping staff, students and parents safe and informed, whether you’re a daycare, elementary, high school, college or university.

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Revolutionizing Engagement and Learning in Campuses

Glowing’s Customer Engagement Cloud makes it easy for schools or educational institutions to harness the power of messaging technology to effectively send text updates, notification and alerts to staff and thousands of students and parents.

Driving Engagement, Safety & Security in Campuses

Boost Attendance for School Events

Send out invites, updates and reminders to a large group regarding upcoming general events, such as PTA fundraising or sports events, or to specific classes for field trip information, schedule for reviews or practices, payment dues and more.

Increase Fundraising Donations

Send messages that share fundraising causes to inspire people to donate their time or money.

Polling Features for Quick Feedback

Send out request for feedback and watch the responses roll from students, staff and parents, helping you improve campus services.

Class Cancellations

Whether it’s due to severe weather conditions or unavailable teacher, send a text notification when class is canceled to ensure students and parents are in-the-know, saving time and efforts.


Affected students or concerned parents can text to report bullying or harassment and receive information and access to resources.

Emergency Alerts

In emergency situations, a second can spell a difference. Send alerts to all students and parents immediately to ensure everyone’s security and safety.

Glowing Customer Engagement Cloud

Designed for engagement, built for any scale, easy to use and quick to get started.