“Making a reservation in one of their restaurant, asking to get your suitcases when you leave in the room, asking for a late check out via WhatsApp : what a good and convenient idea.”

Paris75017, TripAdvisor

“Language can sometimes be a stumbling block but they have someone monitoring facebook messenger which makes communicating with the resort a breeze.”

Paul G., TripAdvisor

“The service is spectacular. They use FB messenger as a tool to communicate with you. You could ask them for nything and the immediate response would follow.”

Shopbound, TripAdvisor

“We left the hotel to go the airport, but once there we found out our flight was delayed for 1 day. This meant the baby formula we had left in the room was needed. The whatsapp service ws incredible, finding the food & putting it in taxi to our new hotel ws unbelievble. The best customer service we have ever received. It made our extra night much easier thank you!”

Ayu, TripAdvisor

“The text ineraction with our concierge helped to get us to a hospital, have full support upon returning to the resort and they even support our transition to the airport assisting with the rental car, wheelchair needs and security issues at the airport, they were not asked to do this and had the foresight to help us and it made a challenging moment a real opportunity for them to shine. Thank you for this wonderful experience- we will surely be back.”

Buddhabar64, TripAdvisor

“Staff is all very friendly and ready to help. They respond very quickly. I had a few interactions through WhatsApp and the staff on duty responded so quickly. They also refer to you by your name, which is also another nice touch. We were at the Ocean Infinity pool for a few hours and the staff on duty despite the swtiching of the staff knew and referred us by our name.”

SnowPrincess1206, TripAdvisor

“One of the best features of this resort is the way that they use WhatsApp to communicate withh guests.”

Jonathan R., TripAdvisor

“I dont think there is enough words but they the best in service (we have a personal concierge i can call/text anytime!”

Sandra G., TripAdvisor

“The concierge service is phenomenl, they are available on whatsapp or fb messenger all the time and happy to accomodate all requests, no matter what, Amazing service.”

Mlofty8, TripAdvisor

“Simply send a text message from your room to a designated phone number and walk out.”

Nicholas M., TripAdvisor

“Loved the ask me anything concept with chat and WhatsApp what a great initiative!”

Oyen P., TripAdvisor

“You are able to text or use a QR reader to notift them when yyou need your vehicle.”

Matt N., TripAdvisor

“They have introduced an instant messaging system via Line, which makes arranging bookings via the concierge really convenient.”

Ken, TripAdvisor

“We were able to text or email throughout our stay to book dinner reservations, spa treatments, cabanas, etc. It relly elevated our experience and ensured we didn’t have to do anythingg but relax during our stay.”

Lauren S., TripAdvisor

“I would recommend to verify messages sent over whatsapp concierge as obviously these are copy paste responsses, but sometimes doesnt apply as some request were not actually ready as when the messages were received.”

Gustavo D., TripAdvisor

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