Luxury Retail

Because affluent customers are on the go, and lead connected lives, luxury retails must implement mobile messaging strategy to drive sales and loyalty among high-end consumers.

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Real-Time Messaging Connects Your Luxury Brands to Buyers

Glowing’s Customer Engagement Cloud enables luxury retail brands the ability to provide rich mobile experiences for affluent buyers and keep them in-the-know, including promotions for exclusive loyalty club that offers ongoing benefits.

Driving Sales and Loyalty by Offering Exclusive Previews and Offers

Connect Products to Sellers

Develop an engaged network of supply and demand. Connect buyers with real-time messaging so they can engage when it matters most.

Build Trust Across with Customer Base

The sooner a user trusts, the sooner they transact. Create engaging connections so you ensure the best and most trusted user experience while consumers learn about your products.

Drive More Opportunities

Completed communication with your buyers creates the best opportunity to convert. Use notifications to keep the conversation moving, so users stay connected and never miss an opportunity to transact.

Glowing Customer Engagement Cloud

Designed for engagement, built for any scale, easy to use and quick to get started.