Hong Kong, May 30, 2024 – Glowing, a leading US-based software company offering a Generative AI-first platform designed for globally admired, luxury brands delivering world-class experiences along with Rosewood Hotel Group, one of the world’s leading global lifestyle and hospitality management groups, is excited to announce the launch implementation of its innovative new Generative AI Guest Expansion (GX) platform, which includes Artificial Intelligent communication, such as guest messaging, patterns and insights, along with bespoke experience management. 

Glowing customized core components of its new GX platform to Rosewood according to its brand communication standards, which has proactively enhanced the guest experience at the hotels. Rosewood has seen a significant increase in operational efficiency and usage rates of over 100% month-over-month since they started using GX technologies and methodologies last year.  Further, although the volume of guest communication has nearly doubled in one year, efficiency has dramatically increased, including a significant decrease in responsive times from team members back to guests of near 20%.

The Glowing GenAI-enabled platform is founded on three core pillars: “Copilot”, which was built to improve operational efficiency and quality, “Patterns & Insights”, which unearths hidden, valuable and actionable insights for management, as well as “Bespoke Experiences”, which allows for never-before tailoring of the guest experience.  Glowing’s platform combines state-of-the-art AI technology with customer experiences and learnings, setting a new standard in the luxury hospitality space and boldly forging ahead in the current evolution of the meaning of delivering world class services and experiences in the era of AI. Glowing’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation is evident. With Glowing’s GX platform, Rosewood addresses fast, efficient guest-staff interaction to meet and exceed service expectations while breaking language barriers by connecting with international guests in their preferred language.

“There is so much noise around Generative AI and the potential and future promise of what AI can do for globally admired, luxury brands aiming to deliver memorable and world class experiences.  With Glowing’s new platform, we are taking the lead in partnership with Rosewood to define and revolutionize the future of customer experience in the hospitality space. Take our AI Tonely component, for instance, that consistently crafts messages to guests in Rosewood’s specifically defined brand communication standards, as well as can check every human-drafted message to ensure consistency in communication tone and voice before being sent to any guest.  All this, by the way, can be done in any language.  And all this, while significantly enhancing Rosewood’s team member efficiency,” says Jasen Lew, CEO of Glowing.ai. “We are excited that the Rosewood Hotel Group was one of the first to take advantage and leap with us to effectively use AI and see the value and how our platform enhanced their customer and employee experiences.”

Rosewood Hotel Group, Chief Information Officer Taywin (Tex) Khampasri stated, “It’s been over one year since we started on the journey of building our exclusive Generative AI communication and bespoke experience management in partnership with Glowing and our global IT operations team along with the service team at our brand’s flagship Rosewood Hong Kong. We wanted to co-create a Generative AI-enabled guest engagement platform to inspire our guests and associates and to help drive our brand to the next levels of innovation and efficiency. This not only allows our hotel teams to better communicate with our guests in multi languages and in a style specially to our brand. We can fully customize their experience across our many dining and wellness outlets during their stay. We use Glowing’s GX platform to create uniquely contextual responses then our hotel team reviews all messages before it is sent to guests. By doing this, we maintain our brand standards while striking a balance between high tech and high touch.  We will continue to implement technologies like this to better serve the next generation of Rosewood guests and associates who are looking for more seamless digital experiences.”

Glowing’s GX is rolling out to other properties of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, starting this Summer of 2024.

Glowing invites all globally admired luxury brands who aim to deliver world class experiences, including luxury hotels and properties to learn more about Glowing’s new GenAI solution by contacting Glowing to schedule a product demonstration with a company representative at ai@glowing.io.


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