As advances in technology are made, it is vital to take advantage of them in order to continue to persist as a corporation. This is why Glowing has decided to take communication to the next level through the creation of a Metaverse, Metacraft.


What is a Metaverse

The traditional perception of a Metaverse is a 3D environment that is interacted through a VR or AR headset alongside some controllers similar to VRChat. However, the actual definition is much broader. A Metaverse is simply a virtual environment where people are able to interact (TIME). This more plain description can be applied to many virtual communication platforms that exist today such as Slack and Discord.


What makes Metacraft Unique

Metacraft takes the traditional Minecraft experience and enhances it through strategic usage of various plugins while retaining much of the vanilla experience. Metacraft accommodates various kinds of playstyles without causing conflict. Players have the option to spend months of their lives gathering resources and people to ultimately launch a massive siege as a collective nation against neighboring towns. Or spend years gathering a devoted group of builders to gradually build the largest and most detailed structure throughout the entire world.

Metacraft links the Minecraft platform with other communication networks such as Discord and Facebook Messenger in order to enhance the player experience and connect the virtual world with the physical world. Players that are active within Metacraft have the ability to contact those that are in the physical world through Metacraft’s integrations which allow messages sent within the virtual space to be relayed to people’s phones and group chats. The Metacraft team also will create historical animatics based on the events that occur on the server. Major events such as wars, the completion of great builds, and diplomatic events will all be cataloged in order to promote the player base to continue to ignite events that will keep the community engaged.


About Glowing, Inc.

Glowing, Inc. is the leading US-based software company that specializes in AI-enhanced omnichannel guest engagement solutions. For some of the world’s leading brands in hospitality and other verticals, Glowing provides an intelligent and unified platform to overcome the complexity of in-the-moment messaging and enhance the guest experience–helping them win guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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About Metacraft

Metacraft is a Minecraft server that enhances the Minecraft experience by allowing wildly different playstyles to thrive on the same server. This is done through a harmonious balance of claim protection that allows combat-oriented players to grief while supporting builders in maintaining their builds.

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