How do you engage with customers who prefer different channels for communication, such as email, SMS, direct messages via platforms like Messenger, LINE, Whatsapp, WeChat, and others? In an omni-channel customer engagement strategy, all communication channels are connected and integrated to provide seamless customer experiences. Glowing, through its enterprise-class mobile messaging solution – Glowing Customer Engagement Cloud – lets you switch between channels from a single dashboard, delivering seamless and consistent customer experiences. This resolves the technical complexities of in-the-moment customer engagement.

The Difference: Multi-Channel Vs Omni-Channel

In the context of customer engagement, the terms multi-channel and omni-channel are often used incorrectly. Businesses that connect with customers through multiple channels – such as email, social media, web chat, and telephone – have a multi-channel approach. However, this does not mean that your customers’ experiences are seamless. Multi-channel means there are many ways to communicate to customers, but not cohesive, while omni-channel refers to an integrated and seamless approach to business-customer communications, which has been ranked in a recent consumer report as the second biggest challenge businesses face in customer engagement.

A business with omni-channel messaging strategy gives customers a seamless and consistent engagement. For example, a hotel guest may not be able to call due to poor reception in the hallway but has a strong WiFi connection. The guest will then be able to message the hotel’s housekeeping for a particular request via a mobile messaging app. Internally, hotel staff can communicate with each other to relay the guest’s request. In essence, that customer is having an omni-channel guest experience.

Choose an Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solution

In an omni-channel customer engagement environment, all of the channels are connected to provide consistency and continuity in delivering customer service. Glowing Customer Engagement Cloud is architected to handle omni-channel customer engagement with its real-time all-in-one dashboard, allowing businesses to see entire customer journey and save time and effort of maintaining separate integrations. It is agile and scalable and easy to add new channels to as they become popular. It can be customized and integrated with the business’ CRM and other relevant systems. An omni-channel customer engagement strategy gives your business complete ownership of customer interaction data across all channels for a full customer engagement that will increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies and drive business growth.

Customers are connected more than ever. They use mobile phones, social media apps and messaging platforms. Any company can now easily reach their customers once they initiate engagement or provided you the consent to be contacted. Customers also get to choose which channels they prefer to communicate with. Through APIs are protocols that system developers use to create software applications, such as messaging solutions. Glowing’s APIs provide businesses an omni-channel approach to customer engagement and communicate with customers using the channels they prefer:

  • SMS – Direct phone messaging between customers and your business
  • Chat – Engage with customer and their concerns, and if the situation necessitates, can include secure transfer of data
  • Video – Allow face-to-face conversations that may be necessary for identity verification, content sharing, or visual problem resolution
  • Routing – Sends priority tasks from every source of your business to the proper agent

According to Customer Experience Trends 2018 research by Aberdeen, a company that provides intent-based marketing and sales solutions,  businesses that provide omni-channel customer experience achieve 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention compared to businesses that don’t.

Glowing Customer Engagement Cloud is the right omni-channel mobile messaging solution for leading global hospitality brands and other verticals who are keen to deliver top-notch customer experience. For more info, call Glowing at +1 (650) 687-7046 or request a demo.

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